Real Estate Photos and Video – Gentleman’s Farm for Sale in Otto, NC

This gentleman’s farm and property at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road, in Otto, NC, was a pleasure to shoot. This may be the most expensive property I’ve shot to date, at least based on the initial listing price. After seeing the property and the lovely setting in the Western North Carolina valley, this rare opportunity toContinue reading “Real Estate Photos and Video – Gentleman’s Farm for Sale in Otto, NC”

Real Estate Photos and Video – Bryson City Property SOLD

This collection of real estate photos and video helped this property sell in just a few weeks. This amazing home sits on nearly 50 acres and includes beams and paneling of wormy chestnut wood harvested from the area. Client just needed the exterior photos of the property and home, including aerial photos and video, toContinue reading “Real Estate Photos and Video – Bryson City Property SOLD”

Bascom-Kinship Collective Exhibit

Collection of photos from the Kinship Collective Exhibit at The Bascom inspired by the Bartram Trail This exhibit titled “Listening to the Land: With Rapture and Astonishment” is now on display at the Bascom’s Bunzl Gallery in Highlands, NC. Several members of the Kinship Photography Collective, based out of Asheville, NC, spent a great dealContinue reading “Bascom-Kinship Collective Exhibit”

Real Estate Video Marketing – Land for Sale in Western North Carolina

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really busy with some new projects, and fortunately, they have mostly been right here in Western North Carolina, just a short drive from home. I really enjoyed getting out and exploring the surrounding counties, tracking down and identifying 8 properties to capture photos and video of. This setContinue reading “Real Estate Video Marketing – Land for Sale in Western North Carolina”

Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp Platform & EagleView Assess

The gamification of building drone pilot experience that the DroneUp app developed continues to hold my interest and there are just a few remaining badges I’m pursuing at this time. My plans of completing the requirements for a couple of them were put on hold during the holidays due to getting ill and weather notContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp Platform & EagleView Assess”

Drone Pilot Gigs: Loveland Innovations

There are a lot of options and specialties for drone pilots to pursue, and for the most part the platforms and networks I’ve written about support drone pilots for hire across the most common industry applications. Commercial and residential real estate seem to get the most activity on these platforms, but 2D/3D orthomosaic mapping, solarContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: Loveland Innovations”

Drone Pilot Gigs: (Part 2)

It has been a little while since I first posted about my experience with the Droners.IO pilot network, and that’s because it has been keeping me busy. The Droners.IO network has been by far the most active platform I’ve used to connect with clients in need of drone photography and videography services. With over aContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: (Part 2)”

Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp Platform (Part 3)

Mapping out the next category If you read my first post about DroneUp, I mentioned that the badges are somewhat grouped or at least have a few that are related in what drone pilot requirements or skills they represent. There are some just basic documentation and certification requirements and then there are these current badgesContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp Platform (Part 3)”

Scenes of Western North Carolina: Glen Falls

This is the first in this series sharing footage from in and around Western North Carolina. The final video below is also the first “full-length” video that I have produced in Premier with all my own footage and sound, aside from the music track. Scene selection and storytelling are certainly concepts I need to putContinue reading “Scenes of Western North Carolina: Glen Falls”

Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp (Part 1)

I came across the DroneUp platform just a few weeks ago, again saw a mention of it in some group discussion, so I figured I would take a deeper look. As of yet, I haven’t received any indication that I have been “verified” to begin accepting work, but this platform’s gamification has been giving meContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp (Part 1)”