Scenes of Western North Carolina: Glen Falls

This is the first in this series sharing footage from in and around Western North Carolina. The final video below is also the first “full-length” video that I have produced in Premier with all my own footage and sound, aside from the music track. Scene selection and storytelling are certainly concepts I need to putContinue reading “Scenes of Western North Carolina: Glen Falls”

Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp (Part 1)

I came across the DroneUp platform just a few weeks ago, again saw a mention of it in some group discussion, so I figured I would take a deeper look. As of yet, I haven’t received any indication that I have been “verified” to begin accepting work, but this platform’s gamification has been giving meContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: DroneUp (Part 1)”

Drone Pilot Gigs: Overview of Opportunities and Approach for this New Pilot

According to a recent Fortune Business Insights report, the global commercial drone market is seeing incredible growth and is forecast to continue exponentially growing to $11,295.1 (USD) by 2028. For comparison to where we’ve been recently, in 2020 it was reported the market was sized at $1,915.0 (USD) and saw a growth rate of justContinue reading “Drone Pilot Gigs: Overview of Opportunities and Approach for this New Pilot”