Roof Inspections

Residential and Commercial Roof Inspection Projects.

Residential Real Estate Roof Inspection

Drone used: Mavic 2 Pro
Time of day: Noon-1pm
Project goal: Capture all angles and views of roof and structure to facilitate inspections for insurance, damage assessment, or replacement.

Aerial perimeter shots of all angles at same height around home can aid in 3D Digital Modelling.

Top-down and detailed facet photos provide view over entire roof at a resolution to aid in damage, wear, and age assessment.

Additional detailed shots of smaller facets over bay windows, lower story windows, fascia boards, eaves, and external features such as chimneys, provide more information to the client to complete the assessment.

Care needs to be taken when flying these missions to maintain awareness of surrounding trees during the perimeter shots. Also, many photos over the roof and around the sides of the home will be in close proximity to the structure while the pilot maintains visual line of sight on the drone.

Elevation and Perimeter Overview Photos

Detailed Roof Facet Photos

Fascia and Chimney Close Up Photos