New Home Construction – 35 Market Street in Franklin, NC

One of two newly constructed homes that just hit the market. The latest addition to the Sanctuary Village, an architect designed community in the heart of Franklin, NC. This home at 35 Market Street is listed as a 1501 sqft, 3 bedroom, 4 bath. It is 3 stories of open layouts in what is planned to be a close-knit community.

Video tour of 35 Market Street

A lot of time and effort went into these shoots. Continue below for more photos.

Interior and virtually staged photos

Dining area and living room from the kitchen
Dining area and kitchen from the living room
Living room and dining area
Upstairs bedroom
Flexible living area on lower level
Back patio
Front porch

You can learn more about the Sanctuary Village community at their website.

Learn more about this home at its listing.

This was a great project to partner with the agent, Dan O’Connell, and the property developers. Lots of great details on these newly constructed homes and perfect to capture photo and video of.

More Exterior Photos

More Interior Photos

You can learn more about the Sanctuary Village community at their website.

Learn more about this home at its listing.

Tiny Home For Sale at 57 Jonquil Trail West in Franklin, NC

Tiny Home For Sale at 57 Jonquil Trail West in Franklin, NC

A Tiny House in the middle of massive trees and mountains this one-bed, one-bath cabin is tucked away in the Nantahala National Forest on 1.36 acres. Enjoy the private setting with a gated entry, gravel roads, and a beautiful mountain view. Built to last with heavy log siding, skirting, and a metal roof. Enjoy your cool mornings in the summer and watch the sunrise from the private porch. Need a little more storage space? Pack the two storage sheds which are equipped with power and sealed tight from the elements. Covered parking, hiking trails, and ten minutes to Franklin, NC. This smoky mountain cabin is ready for your next adventure!

This was a great little home to shoot. Lots of little details in this one that set it apart from other small homes. The log cabin siding wrapped around, along with the porch and additional shed and storage building, make this a very livable home.

Includes a nice dining nook with built in wine storage shelves, definitely a unique feature.

Find this home listing and others in the area at:

Real Estate Photos and Video – Gentleman’s Farm for Sale in Otto, NC

This gentleman’s farm and property at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road, in Otto, NC, was a pleasure to shoot. This may be the most expensive property I’ve shot to date, at least based on the initial listing price. After seeing the property and the lovely setting in the Western North Carolina valley, this rare opportunity to own this gentleman’s farm will not last long.

Comprising nearly 50 acres, this property is actually 4 connected lots that are being sold as one. The main lot is ~17 acres of mostly fenced-in pasture land with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home sitting on top of a hill in the middle. The home is accessible from a private driveway that is gated at the foot of the property. Two barns for the farm sit on this main property as well, one for hay and the other for cattle and equipment. These barns have a separate gated drive access on the other border of the property so that work in the pastures and farming could take place independently from the residence.

Gorgeous pasture on the main lot extends back right up to the bottom of the sloping Nantahala National Forest boundary. This boundary with the national forest extends across the back of the main lot and second, larger lot, that make up this property for sale. The second lot is mostly rich, hilly woodlands of hardwood trees.

Also located on this property are 2 wells and a natural spring that supply all the water needed for the home and pastures. This really is a ready to operate farm with everything needed to raise livestock or start a market garden operation.

The location of this property near the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab is easily accessible from the highway and also provides easy access to hiking and all the outdoor activities that Western North Carolina offers.

Real Estate Marketing Video for 50 Acre Gentleman’s Farm at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road

For this shoot, I really only needed the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, as this was an exterior-only, aerial photo and video project. The fact that the primary lot is open pasture fields was a bonus for flying in this region and not having to avoid heavy tree cover while maintaining line of sight with the drone. Additionally, the surrounding valley was also mostly cleared and relatively open and level, providing an open landscape to navigate.

Given the bright, sunny, early spring conditions and blue sky, I used an ND8 filter on the Mavic 2 Pro to adjust the exposure, creating wonderful color in the video. While not quite golden hour, the time of this shoot was still pre-noon, before the light became too harsh, leaving some shadows cast from the sun sitting low in the sky.

Given the bright sun and open landscape, I utilized the Mavic’s HDR shooting mode, which produced great photos without having to spend too much additional time editing in Lightroom.

I did break out the Canon EOS R for a few shots, to provide a ground-level perspective from the main road and driveways. Fortunately, the Canon also produced excellent photos with very similar exposures to the Mavic 2 Pro, which made matching color profiles easy.

Photos were edited in Lightroom and video was done in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects was used for tracking the intro title to the hillside in front of the home.

This was a great project that was just waiting for the perfect day to shoot and relatively easy to turn around the deliverables for.

Contact us to discuss the details of your own real estate marketing project. We offer standard exterior-only media packages like this one that can be turned around in just a couple of days. We also offer full interior and exterior real estate photos and videos. Interior photo editing options include HDR and flambient processing, virtual staging, decluttering, and more. Video options can also include agent intros, interior detail shots, or include local attractions and activities to provide more context to your home.

You can find more examples of our real estate marketing videos on our Youtube channel, Vimeo portfolio, and right here in our blog.

Real Estate Photos and Video – Property in Western North Carolina

Stunning home and property

This is what mountain living is all about here in Western North Carolina. This property is over 30 acres, most of it wooded. This large home with a 3-car garage has so many features and would make a fantastic homestead, working farm, or just a quiet and secluded mountain getaway.

Exterior photos

This home has been meticulously maintained and ready for entertaining or raising a family. The main house has 3 bedrooms, an office/den, 3 bathrooms, and a large kitchen. The open living area has tall ceilings and a large stone fireplace. Skylights and plenty of windows and glass-paned doors let in tons of natural light.

Interior photos

The master suite has french doors that open onto the large wooden back deck. The deck has a long wood ramp leading into the back yard. From there, its just 50 steps into the woods where a rushing creek cascades over large rocks, forming a wonderful private waterfall to enjoy.

Aerial photos

The rest of the property has lots of places to store equipment, plant a large garden, and a small hunter’s shack for crafts or a child’s playhouse. The small pond in the front area has seating to enjoy quiet days in the cool shade of the Western North Carolina mountains.

About this project

Most of the exterior photos of the home and interior were taken with a Canon EOS R and 15-35mm lens. The interior shots were bracketed exposures either merged as HDR photos and/or hand-blended in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The aerial shots were all taken with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This property was a joy to fly for this capture, with plenty of open space to get good angles staying out of the trees.

Marketing video

Along with the full set of photos, this package included a marketing video for use across social media platforms, highlighting the standout features of this property.

Real Estate Marketing Video of this Home

More examples of marketing videos we’ve produced can be found on our Vimeo page.

We’d love to discuss your project needs and provide you with the real estate photography and video content you need to sell your. property. Feel free to contact us any time. Most projects can be turned around in just a couple of days.

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One of two newly constructed homes that just hit the market. The …
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Real Estate Photos and Video – Bryson City Property SOLD

This collection of real estate photos and video helped this property sell in just a few weeks. This amazing home sits on nearly 50 acres and includes beams and paneling of wormy chestnut wood harvested from the area.

Client just needed the exterior photos of the property and home, including aerial photos and video, to produce a short marketing clip.

Real Estate Marketing Video

Wormy Chestnut Lodge – Real Estate Marketing Video

Video content was shot using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone, DJI Pocket 2, and a Canon EOS-R. The agent intro was a new addition for my projects and turned out great, even with just the DJI Pocket capturing the audio.

The large tree in front of the main entrance to the home was a bit of a challenge to work around. It was also one of the most impressive trees on the property that also included other large trees and immaculate landscaping.

With the addition of a detached 2-car garage with furnished apartment above it and a barn large enough for horses or a classic car collection, this property really has it all. Ponds, garden areas, and other features made this an easy sale.

Nestled in the shadows of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and at the end of a private road, this homestead has been meticulously maintained, providing a private getaway or forever home to those seeking a comfortable and rustic refuge.

These photos and video are part of a standard real estate bundle we offer and can typically be delivered within a day of the shoot. Property visits can be done with or without an agent present and the deliverables can be customized to meet your needs.

For more information on pricing, availability, and other services we offer, please contact us to discuss.

Bascom-Kinship Collective Exhibit

Collection of photos from the Kinship Collective Exhibit at The Bascom inspired by the Bartram Trail

This exhibit titled “Listening to the Land: With Rapture and Astonishment” is now on display at the Bascom’s Bunzl Gallery in Highlands, NC. Several members of the Kinship Photography Collective, based out of Asheville, NC, spent a great deal of time exploring the Bartram Trail to capture their perspectives.

This wonderful collection of images, sculptures, and artist interpretations from their time hiking the Bartram Trail, in the late summer and fall of 2022, is the culmination of three non-profit organizations collaborating to connect the arts with the wild and scenic landscape of Western North Carolina.

The Blue Ridge Bartram Trail Conservancy’s Executive Director, Brent Martin, led the group on a couple of shorts hikes on the Bartram Trail. The group then continued exploring the trail for several weeks before producing this fantastic collection.


This collection of photos were taken before guests arrived for the opening night of the exhibit. The exhibit is open to the public and will be on display at the Bascom until January 7, 2023. Click over to the Bascom’s website for more details.

Photos were taken using a Canon EOS R with 15-35mm lens, no flash, using bracketed exposures. Photo credit: Chris Tranchina of Walking Dog Productions.

Real Estate Video Marketing – Land for Sale in Western North Carolina

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really busy with some new projects, and fortunately, they have mostly been right here in Western North Carolina, just a short drive from home. I really enjoyed getting out and exploring the surrounding counties, tracking down and identifying 8 properties to capture photos and video of. This set of properties ranged from just under 3 acres to over 32 acres and were located in Graham, Swain, and Jackson counties.

The prep work for this took a little more than usual, to be sure that I was at the right locations on each of these visits. Plotting dozens of GPS coordinates, saving Google Maps for offline use, and printing out copies for each location, since my experience with maintaining a cell connection in the region is spotty, at best. But, utilizing the offline maps and simply having some cell connection (and being able to tether my iPad Mini 6) was enough to keep me on track.

13.3 Acres for Sale in Graham County, NC – 20 Minutes from Bryson City

A few of the properties needed to be explored a bit more to find and capture footage of the natural springs that the client wanted to make sure he could market in the videos and photos. The largest property, over 32 acres in Jackson County, also had over 2800 acres of National Forest Lands as its “backyard!” I spent a few hours at this property, walking to all the corners, and found the National Forest Boundary markers on several trees along the property line. It was a little sketchy flying the drone back there, but getting the aerial 360 views from up there was a must, and well worth the anxiety of the drone props clipping a branch as it broke through the canopy.

32.76 Acre Parcel for Sale in Jackson County, NC

After flying and shooting many of these vacant parcels of land for marketing video content, I’ve become a little more comfortable finding my way up through the trees to fly in the open sky, but it never makes me feel any easier about it. This time of year is really the only time it’s feasible where I can maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) on the drone once it makes it above the treeline. Even then, my field of view for flying is still limited which make flying cinematic maneuvers a little more challenging.

All that said, I believe the week of exploring the mountains and the resulting photos and videos created for the client, was successful, and I’m planning the next set of property visits as soon as I finish this post. I hope you enjoy a few of the videos from this past project and if you are looking to have similar marketing content created for your investment property, rental, or home to be listed for sale, please email us at to discuss.

15.38 Acres of Vacant Land for Sale in Jackson County, NC

You can find more from this recent project as well as others from around the region on my Vimeo Showcase page.