Gentleman’s Farm for Sale at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road in Otto, NC

Aerial photo looking over the entire 50 acres of property at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road

This gentleman’s farm and property at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road, in Otto, NC, was a pleasure to shoot. This may be the most expensive property I’ve shot to date, at least based on the initial listing price. After seeing the property and the lovely setting in the Western North Carolina valley, this rare opportunity to own this gentleman’s farm will not last long.

Comprising nearly 50 acres, this property is actually 4 connected lots that are being sold as one. The main lot is ~17 acres of mostly fenced-in pasture land with a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home sitting on top of a hill in the middle. The home is accessible from a private driveway that is gated at the foot of the property. Two barns for the farm sit on this main property as well, one for hay and the other for cattle and equipment. These barns have a separate gated drive access on the other border of the property so that work in the pastures and farming could take place independently from the residence.

Gorgeous pasture on the main lot extends back right up to the bottom of the sloping Nantahala National Forest boundary. This boundary with the national forest extends across the back of the main lot and second, larger lot, that make up this property for sale. The second lot is mostly rich, hilly woodlands of hardwood trees.

Also located on this property are 2 wells and a natural spring that supply all the water needed for the home and pastures. This really is a ready to operate farm with everything needed to raise livestock or start a market garden operation.

The location of this property near the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab is easily accessible from the highway and also provides easy access to hiking and all the outdoor activities that Western North Carolina offers.

Real Estate Marketing Video for 50 Acre Gentleman’s Farm at 1806 Coweeta Lab Road

For this shoot, I really only needed the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, as this was an exterior-only, aerial photo and video project. The fact that the primary lot is open pasture fields was a bonus for flying in this region and not having to avoid heavy tree cover while maintaining line of sight with the drone. Additionally, the surrounding valley was also mostly cleared and relatively open and level, providing an open landscape to navigate.

Given the bright, sunny, early spring conditions and blue sky, I used an ND8 filter on the Mavic 2 Pro to adjust the exposure, creating wonderful color in the video. While not quite golden hour, the time of this shoot was still pre-noon, before the light became too harsh, leaving some shadows cast from the sun sitting low in the sky.

Given the bright sun and open landscape, I utilized the Mavic’s HDR shooting mode, which produced great photos without having to spend too much additional time editing in Lightroom.

I did break out the Canon EOS R for a few shots, to provide a ground-level perspective from the main road and driveways. Fortunately, the Canon also produced excellent photos with very similar exposures to the Mavic 2 Pro, which made matching color profiles easy.

Photos were edited in Lightroom and video was done in Adobe Premier Pro and After Effects was used for tracking the intro title to the hillside in front of the home.

This was a great project that was just waiting for the perfect day to shoot and relatively easy to turn around the deliverables for.

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