Bascom-Kinship Collective Exhibit

Listening to the Land: With Rapture & Astonishment - Bunzl Gallery entrance and exhibit overview

Collection of photos from the Kinship Collective Exhibit at The Bascom inspired by the Bartram Trail

This exhibit titled “Listening to the Land: With Rapture and Astonishment” is now on display at the Bascom’s Bunzl Gallery in Highlands, NC. Several members of the Kinship Photography Collective, based out of Asheville, NC, spent a great deal of time exploring the Bartram Trail to capture their perspectives.

This wonderful collection of images, sculptures, and artist interpretations from their time hiking the Bartram Trail, in the late summer and fall of 2022, is the culmination of three non-profit organizations collaborating to connect the arts with the wild and scenic landscape of Western North Carolina.

The Blue Ridge Bartram Trail Conservancy’s Executive Director, Brent Martin, led the group on a couple of shorts hikes on the Bartram Trail. The group then continued exploring the trail for several weeks before producing this fantastic collection.


This collection of photos were taken before guests arrived for the opening night of the exhibit. The exhibit is open to the public and will be on display at the Bascom until January 7, 2023. Click over to the Bascom’s website for more details.

Photos were taken using a Canon EOS R with 15-35mm lens, no flash, using bracketed exposures. Photo credit: Chris Tranchina of Walking Dog Productions.

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Photographer/Videographer, FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Pilot, and Digital Media Professional. My primary focus is capturing landscapes, waterfalls, and points of interest in nature. Its an exciting transition from photographing stills of some amazing sites to capturing their dynamic movement and context in the world.

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